About the role

As a product developer at datachai, you want and know how to build large scale systems. Programming is your strength. You will aspire to be a champion for all things python across the product. You will aspire to become the domain expert for the automation pieces.

This is an all round role, where while you would specialize in the python programming language, you would need technology expertise across the product spectrum. The responsibilities will include the list below, but not limited to only this.

  • Software engineering design patterns and object oriented programming.
  • Thinking, designing and coding modular systems will be your strength.
  • Creating tests and maintaining code modularity.
  • Messaging systems like Apache Kafka, RabbitMQ
  • Docker, Kubernetes or any kind of virtualization.
  • Ability to work across a variety of databases.
  • Designing the product and cloud SDKs and APIs.
  • Being able to think and design systems for offline and online functioning will be your strength.
  • (Maybe in future) Being able to work through all aspect of AI/ML development and adoption in the product.

You are excited about this opportunity to engineer the above pieces for an automation and ai b2b product.

Apart from the above, you will wear many more hats. Like helping in the hiring process, engaging external partners, engaging relevant external communities etc.

This is a full-time, competitively paid position. We currently have offices in Bangalore and are open to hiring candidates residing in India.

Our Stack

Our product is platform and cloud independent, it is built in Python and TypeScript. We use GraphQL and React for the frontend interfaces. We integrate with a wide range of databases, data warehouses and cloud services.

Work with a great team

We’re an early-stage, well-funded team headed by industry veterans. Apart from being exceptional software engineers, we believe that every individual comes with his unique strengths. Respect and dignity for individuals along with an opportunity to nurture the strengths is what we strive for in our work culture.

To apply: Send your resume to datachai@datachai.ai