About the role

As the first JavaScript engineering hire at datachai, you will aspire to be a champion for fullstack JavaScript expertise. You will aspire to become the go to person for all things related to NodeJS, ReactJS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Jest and GraphQL.

You love JavaScript or TypeScript. You have a good handle on creating and consuming APIs using NodeJs. You have a very good working knowledge of asynchronous programming in NodeJs and React. You have a thorough understanding of the JS event loop and how it works in NodeJS and in the browser.

Being able to think and design declarative UIs will be your strength. Keeping the UI architecture simple will be your responsibility.

This is an all round role, where while you would specialize in the JS/TS programming language and ecosystem. You would need technology expertise across the product spectrum. The responsibilities will include the list below, but not limited to only this.

  • You would have a great sense of design.
  • Creating tests and maintaining code modularity.
  • Ability to work across a variety of databases.
  • Ability to adapt the interfaces across a broad spectrum of needs. e.g. Electron apps, React native, Micro frontending and others as they evolve.

You are excited about the opportunity to engineer the JavaScript pieces for an automation and ai b2b product.

You are eager for the responsibility of the product engineering role at a small company. You will wear many hats, and you’ll engage external partners as needed.

This is a full-time, competitively paid position. We currently have offices in Bangalore and are open to hiring candidates residing in India.

Our Stack

Our product is platform and cloud independent, it is built in Python and TypeScript. We use GraphQL and React for the frontend interfaces. We integrate with a wide range of databases, data warehouses and cloud services.

Work with a great team

We’re an early-stage, well-funded team headed by industry veterans. Apart from being exceptional software engineers, we believe that every individual comes with his unique strengths. Respect and dignity for individuals along with an opportunity to nurture the strengths is what we strive for in our work culture.

To apply: Send your resume to datachai@datachai.ai