There is a growing need for a new set of applications which are triggered by events. The expectations of real time intelligence is another driving force for this need.

In an interconnected world, the bar for the levels of interconnectedness is being constantly challenged. We expect disparate systems to interwork seamlessly. It could be a CCTV capturing a security incident or the stock market behaving oddly.

Events can be triggered from a variety of places. The frontend, micro-services, iOT devices, sensors etc.

RPA Events

RPA events are typically triggered

  • By time of day
  • Incoming email
  • User action - like transferring a file or pressing a button.
  • Sensor events - For e.g home automation

AI/ML & Data Pipeline

AI/ML data pipelines can have events, triggered by

  • database events - like on ingestion of data.
  • User events - user searches, chatbot messages etc
  • By time of day

datachAI's event processing, works for both robotic process automation and data pipelines.

Events > APIs

This push for disparate systems to interwork seamlessly is making event driven architectures inevitable. With EDA it will be events rather than APIs which would connect separate systems. Within a single system EDA can connect two events separated by time.

datachAI's automation is built around an event driven architecture (EDA), with sensors which could trigger RPA tasks or data pipelines.