The automation of tasks which otherwise would have been handled by a human is robotic process automation. This is not about automation making people redundant. But this is about automating otherwise mundane and repetitive work. This is about creating jobs which beg for more human attention like design. This is a natural evolution of technology.

The earliest form of human transportation where horses. Then came bicycles. And then automobiles and planes. The current generation of applications are like bicycles. They get the job done but are slow.

The SAP application for instance, has a concept of views. This is for humans to view the data in a meaningful way and take meaningful decisions from the data. With AI, this decision can be left to the machines. Which then makes having the 'views' redundant.

Robotic process automation (RPA), is the technology which can work with the 'views' of legacy applications. Robotic process automation using generic tools like UIPath needs a dedicated RPA engineer. Any RPA product which needs an engineer to build the automation defeats the purpose.

DataChai's no code automation solutions is the next gen of automation applications. It is built on top of the existing application infrastructure. It integrates with SAP, Salesforce, Slack, Gmail and many more.

DatachAI Studio

DatachAI studio is our no code automation environment, where building solutions is made simple. It isn't as simple as lego blocks, but it doesn't need a developer either.

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