At datachAI we are building the next generation automation platform. Automation platforms not only need to automate existing processes and technologies, but also need to be nimble enough to accomodate changing processes and technologies.

Any automation solution which needs you to hire automation engineers is absolete. Because, software is no longer eating the world, that is done. Software is now eating itself. DataChai's no code automation platform, gives enterprises the agility with process and infrastructure.

Generic automation solutions are outdated in 2021 - Sunil Sharma

The account payable function is a use case ripe for automation. Automating this function, not only reaps the benefit of efficiency but has a much wider benefit, touching the core aspects of the business. If you are still on the fence, deciding to automate or not, the below benefits will leave no doubt in your mind!

DataChai's invoice automation stands apart from existing solutions in the market. Customised solutions by SAP, Oracle & Salesforce are mostly stitched together by disjoint teams. This creates rigid solutions which takes high amount of additional effort and cost to manage with changing business scenarios. Also solutions from niche players in this space also suffer from the same issues. They aren't flexible to adapt to business needs and culture.

On the other hand, our solution is made to fit into existing infrastructure and changing business scenarios. It's event driven architecture enables it to adapt to culture change initiatives within the organisation.

Cash flow benefits

Automation will positively impact your cash flow. By configuring just in time payments, your invoice payments will happen at the right time to maximise your operating cash.

By just in time payments, your vendors and suppliers will always receive their payments in time while your organisation is be able to capitalise on the operating cash.

Vendor and supplier discounts

Large organisations stand to save hundred of thousands of dollars from vendor and supplier discounts. These discounts are extended if payments are made before supplier set dates, which for different suppliers would be different. With automation and just in time payments, large organisations will be able to leverage supplier discounts as well as manage the cash flow effectively. Our automation tool makes configuring and updating rules easy.

Local compliance

Our solutions aims to fulfil e-invoice and tax regulations worldwide

Single transaction

With suppliers and vendors sending in multiple smaller denomination invoices, automate the consolidation and payments

Goodwill & Sustainability

Change payment cycles based on business and global climate. An example in point is when during the 2020 pandemic, Vodafone changed the payment cycles for its suppliers from 30 days to 15 days so they receive funds in time and in turn keeping Vodafone going. Additionally earning goodwill in tough times.


Other than the business benefits, the accounts payable process is now an intelligent data driven process, driving efficiency across stakeholders and suppliers. Bringing in transparency where desired and tightening processes for quantifiable business benefits.